Creative Communicators Club

Welcome to the club! 


We’re so excited to be launching our online workshop programs very soon. From here you can work your way through each module on the path to becoming an effective communicator. 

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Take a Course

Effective Reading

An 8 part series on how to be an effective reader, the first building block of being a great speaker!

Dealing with Nerves & Breathing

How to control your breath and how that helps you speak beautifully and confidently.

Articulation & Emotion 

Learn how to add emphasis and articulation to show passion and emotion.

Creative Communicators

This program is made up of 7 modules each consisting of 8 videos. The Creative Communicators program covers everything from breathing to persuasive speaking to dealing with those pesky nerves we all get when public speaking. Taught by industry experts in a fun and entertaining style, perfect for those just starting out on their journey to becoming great public speakers and communicators.